HER Imaging and Molecular Interaction Mapping in Breast Cancer
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  Partner: Firalis Biomarker R&D

Project Leader
Prof. Hüseyin FIRAT

Group members
Dr. Peter Grasse (from Feb 2011)
Dr. Dorina Bratfalean

Regine Will
Fuat Firat

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FP7 project: SAFE-T
FP7 project: Miticare
FIRALIS: A respected expert of Translational Biomarkers!

FIRALIS is a life sciences company developing innovative biomarkers (BM) for clinical use, with a specific focus on the inflammatory cardiovascular field.

Our mission is to create novel values via BM science, through discovery and in particular development of BMs & BM-based diagnostic tools.

Firalis offers a wide spectrum of biomarker services from discovery to the clinical qualification; also develops biomarker research-use-only (RUO) kits, which will serve to develop the In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tools, through definitive qualification of the biomarker candidates that these kits are based on. The worldwide leadership of Firalis as a respected expert in the biomarker field is proven by several major EU funding granted within the first 3 years of its creation.

Role of Firalis within the “Imagint Consortium”

With the acknowledged expertise of Firalis, the collected data from the innovative technologies will be analysed with information on clinical outcome using statistical and bioinformatics approaches , to determine which HER2 interactions are associated with resistance to HER2 targeted treatments and can be used as biomarkers that aim to classify cancer patients at an individualised level. We will apply newly developed and classical supervised learning algorithms in order to obtain the classifier with the best predictive performance. Molecular network analysis and sytems biology approaches will be applied to the Toponome data.

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